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"I began incorporating marine phytoplankton into my diet over five years ago, and after recognizing the incredible benefits and shift in my overall vitality, I decided to introduce our own, carefully sourced phytoplankton onto our drinks menus at the Real Coconut Kitchen in Tulum, Mexico. 

Marine phytoplankton became one of what I call my ‘hero ingredients’, and the only whole food ‘supplement’ that I personally use. Over the past years, tens of thousands of our restaurant customers in Tulum, and more recently in Malibu, have been able to experience the incredible effects of Phytovive and enjoy the creative recipes we have used to deliver this powerful whole food powder into drinks such as our Phyto Green, and my personal go-to recipe which became known as, Daniella’s Daily Dose.

Due to popular demand, Phytovive is now available in powder and capsule form, for all our passionate devotees to use at home, with easy shipping within the US, and many other countries. If you haven’t tried Phytovive yet, we encourage you to consider adding it into your daily routine and to experience its potent benefits for yourself."

Daniella Hunter
Founder of Phytovive, Real Coconut Kitchen, wellness hotel Sanara Tulum, and author of Nourish Yourself, Nurture Our World.


Our foundational mission mirrors that of our sister companies, and Daniella Hunter’s personal philosophy of caring for ourselves at the deepest level, whilst also supporting each other, and our world. 

Phytovive allocates 1% gross revenue to support a variety of programs ranging from ocean conservation, to regenerative agriculture, and sustainability & health education. 


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